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Ron Spunt

Ron Spunt

Male. Lives in Strawberry Plains,  Tennessee,  United States. Born on November 16
About Me:
Lifetime member VFW post 12009 Conifer, Co.
Born: Bronx, N.Y. My parents were Russian Refugees during...View More
Horses, motorcycles and everything Politically Incorrect
Political Affiliation:
Staunch Trump Supporter
Elected Official:
Yes, Veteran
Religious Affiliation:
Favorite Quotations:
Do it right or don't do it at all.
My hero is:
All present and past Brothers and sisters in Arms.
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Ron Spunt
Neil Wieczoreck
And she's easy on the eyes.
6 hours ago
Ron Spunt
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Vernell Lowe
15 hours ago
Ron Spunt
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Ron Spunt
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Ron Spunt
Ron Yeary
Trump in 2020, Pence in 2024, and 2028.
15 hours ago
Chuck T.
With Nikki Haley as backup.
14 hours ago
Ron Spunt
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Ron Spunt
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Ron Spunt
Ron Yeary
They're both the same WEED=DOPE=WEED
15 hours ago
Chuck T.
At least you can make the argument that weed can be useful.
14 hours ago
(IHFHI) Mark L.
being near both rots your brain!
5 hours ago
Ron Spunt
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craig palmer
cheaper to build the wall
18 hours ago
Terry Cox
Yah, which hole is he referring to, the real one or the fake one. Clearly it costs more to give these ILLEGALS food, shelter, clothing, education, legal reps and what have I missed.
18 hours ago
Ron Spunt
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Thomas Reuther
@Larry New
Enlighten me please because what exactly IS a Trump Nazi? Does that mean a Trump supporter?
I had you pegged exactly correct based on my reading of a plethora of your previous posts.
Tell me what I got wrong about my critique of you.
I'd say I was right on the money so why don't you just fes...View More
14 hours ago
Larry New
Sorry Thomas but politically speaking Trump has admitted he leans farther to being a democrat than anything else..Maybe you should listen sometimes when he actually speaks instead of swooning like a cheap trick waiting for a $100 bill. Quote from Trump:Trump registered as a Republican in Manhattan i...View More
14 hours ago Edited
Dave S
Larry New, try paying attention. Was that Blitzer interview in 2004 the last time you "listened" to what he said? Serious question: Do you attribute your lack of reason to a bad bump on the head or lead paint on your crib as a toddler?
3 hours ago
Thomas Reuther
Trump leans farther towards being a Democrat?
That's patently absurd and ridiculous and one of the most asinine things I've ever read.
Perhaps you've missed the fact that I'd wager 99.9% of Democrats do not like or support
Trump with a lot of them bordering on pure unadulterated hatred of the man or ho...View More
14 hours ago
Larry New
His own words Thomas ,and on video.Now,let's see who is calling who names and who goes way to far defending their boy. Here dummy,smoke on this. Just so you can't call me a liar. This was right before switching to a republican so he could run as a republican for president . https://www.cnn.com/201...View More
14 hours ago Edited
Karl K.
Ronald Reagan was a democrat at first too.......and how did THAT turn out for you leftist asshats???? 1f600.png
7 hours ago
Thomas Reuther
Did you miss my previous post or something Larry where I said you live in the
past and hold other people to what they've also said and done in the past?
You're TOO easy. Thanks for proving me correct.
That CNN article is no big news or revelation to me.
I've seen and read it before and it doesn't matter...View More
13 hours ago
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