August 10, 2018
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Do you believe America needs to add a sixth military branch in space?
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China more so than Russia have advanced their space exploration to their benefit. China has the desire to be the Major Power on this planet and will stop at nothing to gain such a goal. The space station that recently fell back to earth is a damn good clue that they are farther along than what they ...View More
October 1, 2018
Michael Oberndorf
Russia, and especially China, have been engaged in militarizing their space capabilities for years. We need to face reality and get serious. Oscumbag and the Dummocraps made sure we fell way behind. Time to not only catch up, but to pull significantly ahead.
January 1, 2019
Teresa O'Connor
Space...the final frontier Yes, we need a space force
March 21, 2019
ReaganQuestbyDavid Crittenden
No question, if our adversaries dominate space we can be denied GPS and wiped off the planet.
July 5, 2019
Apparently the Chinese want to conquere the moon. We must match or exceed then as a countries boarders start where militaries face off and it is always about control of resources w/o which you loose your boarders and are the slaves of the victor.
July 5, 2019