Jim Williams
July 10, 2018
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Could the Tea Party Community create a 3rd Party to contend in Local, State and National Elections?
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Thomas Reuther
What do you think of Trump starting his own party and along with that and the remnants of the Republican party being the two parties in Congress, eliminating the Dems all together. I can see the Dems becoming a fringe 3rd party with minimal impact like the Libertarians or Green party with few peopl...View More
July 10, 2018
Jim Williams
I could see a Populist Party like Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party. That party ultimately collapsed since it was a party built around the man instead of a viable platform that would be carried on by successors. Not everybody is Donald Trump, and who really knows what he stands for? on all the diff...View More
July 10, 2018
Dale Olmstead
The only reason the TEA Party is so powerful and influential is because there is no central head or figure that can be verbally attacked and destroyed. We were like the minute men of old. A call went out and we all showed up! First we took the House and many local seats back. Then we took the Senate...View More
July 10, 2018 Edited
Royce Zook
I am against any platform which implies a support for the Republican Party as it does not support those who chose to be members. It is the actions, or lack of, which made me pleased to hear of the Tea Party as I believed the Tea Party was a mixture of any Party membership dissatisfied with its stand...View More
October 8, 2018