This is a group dedicated to all things we conservatives find hilarious on a daily basis. Please feel free to post your jokes memes and funny stories. There's only a few rules that will get you banned. 1. There is a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment of any kind. I understand blonde jokes and women joking about men and men joking about women but if you harass a member you will be banned. 2. There will be no tolerance for any sort of over-the-top religious humor. Jesus gave us a sense of humor and gentle Jabs at our Lord and savior are fine but an example that I can give you is anything where the disrespect is just way over the top. Someone once said to me a picture of a cartoon of somebody urinating on a crucifix with Jesus on it and thought it was funny and I let them know that was not funny in any way shape or form that is the humor that will get you banned. Making fun of other religions in the similar over-the-top way will also get you banned. America is about religious tolerance and freedom and we will follow that example here in the group 3. Last but not least there will be no personal attacks on somebody's appearance or any attacks on their significant other or their children or their families. Keep the Schumer humorous understand that every so often you're going to get your nipples in a twist and you're going to have to get over it but no personal attacks will be tolerated. And I don't mean calling somebody stupid or making creative fun of them but if you start going after them and saying you're just a stupid fat bastard or I can see why your wife doesn't sleep with you those kinds of things will get you banned. Other than that I feel free to be creative with your humor
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This group is all about networking in the various states and encouraging one another in our counties with our similarities to challenge one another in our differences to excel. Here in Oregon we have 36 counties. Like many states just a few populous counties dominate what the others must submit to. The primary counties with their cities and primary industries in Oregon are as follows. Multnomah: Portland (Ports, Major office/retail space, attractions, Sports, Parks, Universities, Antennae) , Gresham (High tech, Gateway to Cascades) . Washington: Beaverton (High tech), Hillsboro (High tech), Forest Grove (University, Gateway to Pacific), Sherwood & Tigard, Lake Oswego, Tualatin (last 4, office/retail). Clackamas: Clackamas, Oregon City, West Linn,(3, office/retail) Wilsonville (High tech, recreation). Marion: Salem (State Government, office/retail), Keizer (office/retail, Sports), Woodburn (office/retail, ag.), Turner, Jefferson, Aumsville, Stayton, Silverton (Rural, agriculture). Yamhill: Newberg, McMinnville (Office/retail, attractions, agriculture). Linn: Albany, Lebanon (Office/retail, agriculture, lumber). Benton: Corvallis (High tech, University, Major office/retail, Sports, Parks, agriculture). Lane: Eugene (High tech, University, Major office/retail, Sports, Parks, Antennae), Springfield, Brownsville (office/retail, rural, agriculture, lumber). Deschuttes: Bend (High tech, Parks, Sports, Recreation), Redmond, Madras (ranching). All of these counties except Deschuttes are adjacent to the Willamette River basin running from Eugene in the South to Portland in the North. (exclaimer: I probably haven''t gotten all these in the right counties)
The Bread of Life Church
A Biblical God believing group. Our theology is that of what God Himself says, and Only God's own interpretation!! ... We believe in the sovereignty and providence of God, the blood of Christ Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. This group is for those who long for the deeper things of God, those who thirst and hunger after His Word and presence. I pray what you find here is edifying and a blessing. With this minister, it Always has to be about God's truth, not mine and not any man's, but Almighty God's Truth only.. God bless all who hunger for the pure truth of God the Father.. in the Lord Jesus the Christ....Amen... “For we walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7 What this house of God stands on: We are a non-denominational Christian church founded on the beliefs and teachings of the Bible as the true Word of God. The Bible guides us in all matters of faith and instructs our conduct during our time on Earth. God, the Father, His son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit form the Trinity/GodHead that exist eternally to create, direct, and shape the ways our lives interact. It is our duty to share the Word of God with others and to abide by His rules by the Holy Spirit.... Our church works continuously in many ways to promote these virtues and we welcome you to join us in this quest. The Trinity/ Godhead: Matthew 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Not just feel good preaching, but preaching on the whole of God, the good, the bad and the ugly.....Good=blessings and promises Bad=If we believe in the blessing and promises, we must also believe in the curses for not following His commandments... The ugly= what happens if we don't obey and listen to Him...Hell is for those who don't believe His words.. We can't just pick and choose the parts we like!! We must believe each and every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God...Which is every word written in the Bible.... We will not condone or do any same sex marriages!! It is against what God says, so since He be against it, we be against it!! No if's and's or buts!!! Pastor Guy St.Onge presiding...A nobody telling everybody about somebody named Jesus! Equipping and maturing Kingdom Builders to be Disciples for Christ Jesus!! This person is not and never have been affiliated with the "seventh day Adventist church" and with no other denomination...The only group I am with is the flock that belongs to Jesus... I am not a Calvinist or any other name that can be added to describe one's training and learning... I have learned some by man/woman, the basics one might say... While reading the Bible, both testaments, when I have trouble understanding, I ask Abba Father to help me or I ask Him a pertinent question...He always gives me an answer, ALWAYS, and most times with in 24 hour, sometimes in a few minutes, that and rarely longer times but that has happened.. Our Father who created all things, can and will communicate with us in different ways... A still quiet voice, a normal voice such as any man, a sign, a billboard, and there are so many ways, listen keep our eyes open, keep our ears open and the ears of our mind, keep an open mind as to so many different ways Abba Father can communicate with us...If we really hunger for God's truth find a preacher/priest/pastor/minister who speaks uses the words, scripture straight out of the Bible, and (REMEMBER THIS), the person who preaches God's own interpretation ONLY!! There are many out there that say, "oh, there are many different meanings or interpretations of the Bible!"