by on June 7, 2019
We returned to the baseball drill Friday morning and while Doc did very well with his left and right casts, he had a lot of trouble with back casts and taking a line to the bumper. I quickly gave up on baseball and focused on Doc taking a straight line to the bumper. Doc waits to be cast during the baseball drill. First, I made two piles of bumpers, the second pile about 15 yards behind the first. I sent Doc after them until he had retrieved both piles, just to get his accustomed to taking a ...
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by on May 11, 2019
I seem to have lost all my blog posts and have been offline for a while so I thought I'd restart it with a new post. I've been running Doc through retriever drills on both land and water, and Friday we worked on double retrieves. Elvis wasn't up to swimming so I let him wade while I worked with Doc. We did get to see a little wildlife - a family of geese and 3-4 foot snake, possibly a racer, but I'm not sure.
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