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by on May 11, 2020
Ya know, it really pisses me off when I hear from so many in both the Democrat Party and in our ‘news’ media about how there is simply no such thing as ‘fake news.’ And it’s these very same people who also accuse President Trump of saying that the ‘news’ media is the enemy of the people. And yet who is it that seems to go out of their way in an effort to leave no doubt that, yes, there is actually is ‘fake new’ and also that yes IT is the enemy of the people. Oddly enough it’s the very same people who still continue to deny that ‘fake news’ even exists in the first place.
For instance, NBC News was recently forced to admit that it aired a deceptively edited clip this past Sunday of Attorney General Bill Barr talking about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s case. The clip, which aired on Chuck Todd’s “Meet the Press” program, showed Barr being asked by CBS News’ Catherine Herridge (formerly of Fox News) how the decision to dismiss Flynn’s case will be viewed upon looking back. Todd played a clip that showed Barr responding by saying that “history is written by the winners, so it largely depends on who’s writing the history.”
Todd immediately chastised Barr for the comment, saying he was “struck by the cynicism of the answer – it’s a correct answer, but he’s the attorney general. He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law. He was almost admitting that, yeah, this was a political job.” However, the clip that NBC News played did not show that Barr did, in fact, say that the decision “upheld the rule of law.” The network was immediately called out on the deceptively edited clip, and NBC’s “Meet the Press” Twitter did eventually admit wrongdoing in a reply tweet.
It was after Department of Justice spokeswoman Kerri Kupec trashed the clip in a tweet that NBC ‘News’ took the coward’s way and simply tweeted, “You’re correct. Earlier today, we inadvertently and inaccurately cut short a video clip of an interview with AG Barr before offering commentary and analysis. The remaining clip included important remarks from the attorney general that we missed, and we regret the error.” I think we all know that there was absolutely nothing ‘inadvertent’ about it. It was nothing but another example of ‘fake news’ that supposedly doesn’t happen.
The network and the show have not yet said if they will issue any sort of an on-air correction, but don’t waste your time waiting for that to happen, because that’s simply not how these faux journalist-types operate. The Justice Department moved to drop the case against Flynn Thursday after internal memos sparked red flags regarding the investigation into him. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was just one of many who called NBC News out for the clip before the network commented. McEnany called it “completely dishonest editing” in a tweet Sunday.
President Trump, too, tweeted that Todd “should be FIRED … for this fraud” Sunday evening. President Trump tweeted that Todd “knew exactly what he was doing” and called the network “Fake News.” The president’s tweet was in response to one from Mollie Hemingway, a senior editor at The Federalist, who criticized the network for admitting the error in a tweet. Curtis Houck, the managing editor of Newsbusters, added that the tweet was “merely a reply” and therefore “doesn’t appear on their main timeline.” Houck tweeted that NBC’s tweet was, “Absurd and cowardly.”
Look, this is the very reason why a majority of Americans no longer trust what they hear from those in the media. It has been over the course of his presidency that Donald Trump has repeatedly described the ‘fake news’ media as being the “enemy of the people,” and he’s right. And here too he has been misquoted by those like Todd who have accused the president of calling the media, in general, an enemy of the people, and that’s not at all what he said. Those in the media have always leaned a bit to the left, but there were, once upon a time, bona fide journalists. No more!
Todd is a dishonest turd who possesses zero credibility regardless of the topic being discussed. The abuse against General Flynn isn't even a close call. It's disgusting, and that Todd and the other Russian collusion-delusion hoaxers can’t bring themselves to admit that an injustice has now been corrected speaks volumes about just how dishonest they are. Todd is a Democrat activist masquerading as a journalist. The guy didn’t even graduate from college. He’s a pompous elitist clown who thinks he knows more than do the people around him, and he knows absolutely nothing.
This vile and gross abuse of news reporting/commenting is very disturbing and has been disturbing for a long period of time - especially from exceedingly deceptive, biased and dishonest people like Todd. But remember, leftists like Todd always claim they are purveyors of truth which is why they have to continually lie, mislead, or censor. Todd is a mindless news reader who spouts words written for him by someone else. What he doesn’t read is told to him through his earpiece. While he didn't edit the video he was only too happy to run with it as it fit the narrative exactly.
We know that the Democrats, as well as their many minions in the ‘fake news’ business, will do whatever it is they feel is necessary to ‘win.’ And that, of course, includes telling all manner of lies, spreading all manner of propaganda, taking part in all manner of fear-mongering, cheating, and misrepresentation. And when caught taking part in any of these activities they are always very quick to claim that it was totally inadvertent, was just some sort of a “mistake,” or they will claim that they did it “for a good and just cause” as if these excuses are actually to be believed.
Todd reminds me of a disgusting rat and I must admit that I’m confused why there are still people who continue to watch him or any other of our faux journalists? There is nothing they say that can be believed. During this ‘Chinese virus’ they have harmed this country materially and on a daily basis by fomenting fear and hysteria. Those like Todd have pushed the Russian collusion campaign, covered for Hitlery, defended ‘BO’ and have actively spread all manner of lies on a daily basis. Their hatred of President Trump and those who voted for him is pure Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).
This is simply the way these people operate today, knowing full well that those who remain stupid enough to watch them will simply run with whatever they’re being told without bothering to do any due diligence whatsoever regarding the truth of what they’re being told. These supposed ‘journalists’ don’t, nor will they ever, mind apologizing profusely after whatever damage has been done. Because they know people will never remember their ‘apology,’ because most will likely never hear it. So all that ends up sticking in anyone’s mind, is the attention grabbing BIG LIE.
The only ones who are really able to hold these ‘fake news’ spewing outlets to account are those of us who are considered to be their consumers. We need to accept as fact that we are being lied two 24/7/365. Perhaps if we were to let them know that we know we’re being lied to and that if they persist in expecting us to believe the drivel they insist upon peddling we will simply choose to take our business elsewhere. We also must make them understand, and in no uncertain terms, that we are most definitely not near as stupid as they seem to think that we are.
The rule under which so many in today’s Democrat Party as well as those in the ‘fake news’ media now operate says: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” We all need to be aware.
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