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by on February 4, 2020
It was something that ‘Commie Chris’ Wallass said in a recent interview with some outfit called ‘Deadline’ which is, apparently, some sort of online news site, that nearly brought a tear to my one good eye. And it came during the interview, which was published this past Monday, when Wallass said sometimes “it hurts” when President Trump ‘attacks’ him. Well then perhaps Wallass should focus on being a bit more objective and unbiased as a ‘journalist’ and less of an obviously blatant political hack who could very well be under the employ of the Democrat Party.
And it was in referring to the criticisms that the president has periodically directed his way that Wallass told Deadline, “I would say that, on the one hand I understand it.” And he said, “If I thought I’d done something wrong, it would bother me I didn’t think I’d done anything wrong. So in a professional sense it didn’t. But on some basic level I suppose it hurts your feelings a little bit to have the president of the United States, whoever he or she is, attacking you.” And I think for Wallass to claim he’s been “attacked” by President Trump is a little childish, but is typical for Wallass.
Wallass also accused President Trump of not ‘understanding’ the purpose of Fox News. He said, “I think that the president fails to understand what Fox News is all about, which is that we are covering the election, and there are two other two parties in the election, the Republicans and the Democrats, and we’re going to give equal coverage and equal exposure to both sides, and ask equally tough questions of both sides.” But that’s not what Wallass has a history of doing, because more often the not his version of ‘tough questions’ has typically been reserved for one side.
Wallass said, “But you know to suggest that there’s something wrong with putting a Democrat on the show or covering a Democratic political event, just shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what Fox News is all about.” But that’s not what the president is saying, and Wallass knows it. It’s the softball approach that Wallass consistently uses whenever interviewing any Democrat on his show, and his rather obvious attack mode, as well has obvious hostility, he exhibits whenever interviewing anyone who supports the president. There is no doubt that he hates this president.
‘Commie Chris’ Wallass has indeed been the target of the president’s ire on what has been a number of occasions, and in most cases justifiably so. Wallass is part of what has become a rather sizable group there at the network of those who are openly hostile when it comes to all things related to the president. Wallass chose to criticize the president back in December, saying during a speech that the president “is engaged in the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history.” It was then that Wallass once again got more than a little carried away with himself.
Look, the facts speak for themselves. And it’s the facts that Wallass would rather choose to ignore, and instead focus on idiotic leftwing nonsense like the impeachment of President Trump. Wallass recently became completely unglued, on air, during a broadcast of the impeachment proceedings where he pretty much went for the throat, figuratively of course, of fellow panelist Katie Pavlich, telling her that she should, “Get your facts straight.” Not exactly typical behavior one should expect from someone who likes to refer to himself as a ‘journalist.’ But then it is Wallass.
And, you know, it’s a very rare event whenever Wallass chooses to bring up any of the many successes that President Trump has achieved. Things like more border security, America’s new energy independence, the stock market at all-time high, unemployment at all-time low or that real wages are rising faster at the low end than ever before. We are out of Paris Accords and the Iran agreement. We have NATO allies paying more than previous, our new trade agreements with Canada, Mexico and China and our military is stronger than ever. But why would Wallass want to do that?
And by the way, President Trump understands what Fox News is, just fine. What he doesn't understand is why a network that’s popular with conservative and moderate Americans, although a little less so than perhaps it once was, openly panders to the left by pushing anti-Trump talking points down their throats via ‘Commie Chris’ and any of the other many ‘NeverTrumpers’ now at the network. Wallass just needs to come out of the closet and admit that he’s a flaming liberal and be done with it. President Trump is insulted on a daily basis and you don’t hear him crying about it!
It’s NeverTrumper Wallass who always seems to go out of his way in an effort to trash President Trump whenever he has interviewed him and yet he thinks that’s just fine. But God forbid it’s when President Trump decides to trash him back, and rightfully so, that ‘Commie Chris’ gets his pretty pink panties all in a wad. But then that’s always the way it is with these NeverTrumpers, they can dish it out but when they’re made to take any amount of return fire they act like little crybabies. Perhaps if Wallass can’t stand the heat he should make sure to stay out of the kitchen.
Let’s face it, 95 percent of the bullshit that President Trump has been forced to contend with since first assuming office has originated with those, like ‘Commie Chris,’ on the Left. If these leftists like Wallass don’t want to be victims of this meanie president, then perhaps they shouldn’t start things that they have no hope of being able to finish. It’s amazing just how childlike those on the left truly are. They call names, make accusations, President Trump calls them on it and they slip quickly into wuss-mode. No wonder he’s cleaning your clocks at just about every turn.
Wallass sets himself up as being some great defender of ‘freedom of the press’ but it would seem that in his supposed effort to defend the press he’s forgotten that the President too has the freedom of speech. And that includes criticisms of those in the media who insist upon reporting as ‘news’ that which is nothing more than pure propaganda. And they dare to get upset when what they’re spewing is called ‘fake news.’ But THAT’S exactly what it is. Our President being critical of the media is not a danger to your freedom it is simply an affirmation of that freedom.
Look, Democrats threatened impeachment even before Donald Trump was sworn in. And they have since tried everything to bring it about. They tried the Trump Dossier lie, Deep State spying, Mueller investigation all with the idea that Trump is a liar, a fraud and a thief. And with everyone in the intelligence community including the FBI,CIA, DOJ, NSA, Britain's MI6, and Russian trying to find something what was found. Nothing but a fail Mueller investigation and a shampeachment. And still they haven’t found dirt, no Russian collusion, even though ‘Pencil Neck’ still claims he did.
Wallass is the poster boy for all that is wrong with what was once referred to as our ‘mainstream’ media but is today nothing more than our ‘fake news’ media. And where Republican presidents have typically chosen to simply ignore them or to turn the other cheek, this president, MY president, has chosen to do neither. And I have absolutely no problem with that. And the president is spot on when he labels this scum, those like ‘Commie Chris’, as being our enemy, because that’s what they are and what they will continue to be until such time as they chose to report the truth.
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