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by on January 15, 2020
Anyone who tuned into last night’s Democrat Presidential Debate, in Des Moines, Iowa, was once again treated to ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s rather peculiar fondness for taking specific moments from the not so recent past, and representing them in such a manner as to make them completely unrecognizable. And all in what was a blatantly transparent attempt to portray himself as being far more qualified for the job of president than is the current holder of that high office, Donald trump. But in so doing ‘Crooked Joe’ based most of what he said on nothing more than pure malarkey.
You see, it was during last night’s ‘debate’ that ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden embarked on what was nothing less than yet another attempt on his part to portray himself as something other than what we all know him to be, and doing so by rewriting history in such a way as to portray his many disastrous foreign policy positions in a more favorable light. For instance, he claimed that it had been Barry & Co. that had actually defeated ISIS. ‘Crooked Joe’ has come under fire in recent weeks for his penchant for trying to rewrite history, but it seems to have had very little effect.
In particular, ‘Crooked Joe’ argued that it was of vital importance for the U.S. to cooperate with foreign nations in routing out terrorist organizations and ensuring global stability. He said his work, as part of Barry & Co., included being part of the coalition that put together over 60 counties to deal with stateless terror as well as failed states. But it’s upon closer inspection that ‘Crooked Joe’s’ claim simply does not stand up to scrutiny. ISIS—officially the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant—was founded in 1999 but did not rise to significant power until the early-2010s.
The terrorist group specifically took advantage of the destabilized situation in Iraq and Syria during the time Barry & Co. was in charge, to advance its numbers and territorial claims. At the group’s height, it controlled large swaths of both Syria and Iraq. And contrary to ‘Crooked Joe’s’ claims, it was Barry & Co. that proved to be quite inept in fighting the terror group. And despite the claim made by ‘Crooked Joe’, it was only after President Trump took office in 2017 that ISIS then began to hemorrhage fighters and territory. ‘Crooked Joe’ played no part in defeating ISIS.
And also, it was in 2019, long after Barry & Co. had left town, that, thanks to an intensified strategy, U.S. forces not only killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the long-serving leader of ISIS, but also the individual most likely to replace him, leaving the terrorist organization in turmoil. So once again we have ‘Crooked Joe’ taking certain liberties with the actual chain of events. In other words, he lied! Apparently ‘Crooked Joe’ is of the opinion that just because those within the Democrat Party likely take what he says at face value, the rest of us know better and fact check everything that he says.
But still, that was far from being the only ‘attempt’ during the evening by ‘Crooked Joe’ to embellish a bit on the supposed ‘accomplishments’ of the previous administration in what was clearly an attempt to ‘blow his own horn.’ Because ‘Crooked Joe’ also claimed that the nuclear deal with Iran was actually “working” before President Trump withdrew from it in May 2018. But obviously, in making such a patently false claim ‘Crooked Joe’ made quite clear that he must have some very strange criteria when it comes to determining if something is actually “working.”
‘Crooked Joe’ conveniently ignored the fact that the deal essentially allowed Iran to become a nuclear power upon expiration and did Iran ever end nuclear research. And ‘Crooked Joe’ went on the record, at the debate, declaring that if elected he would return to the Iran deal, and even claimed that President Trump had precipitated the current confrontation with Iran by leaving the agreement. But not only is the U.S. back in step with Israel and the Sunni Arab world, which opposed Barry & Co’s appeasement of Iran, but Europe also backs President Trump’s current efforts.
And ‘Crooked Joe’s’ ongoing fictional account of recent history continued as he argued that President Trump went “into Iran” by ordering a strike on Iran’s terror mastermind, Qasem Soleimani. ‘Crooked Joe’ said that President Trump was wrong to order the strike, using the authorization of force granted by Congress after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. ‘Crooked Joe’ said, “It does not give authority to go into Iran. It gave authority to deal with these other issues.” President Trump did not send military forces into Iran to kill Soleimani, what he did was to order an air strike.
‘Crooked Joe’ was also inaccurate when he claimed that he had opposed the Iraq War from the very beginning. He was asked by the debate’s moderators to expand on his foreign policy judgments, especially in light of his support for the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. ‘Crooked Joe’, although admitting he regretted his vote for the Iraq War, claimed that he only supported the conflict as a tool to convince Saddam Hussein to allow United Nations weapons inspectors into his country. But in truth, ‘Crooked Joe’ did not oppose the war as soon as it began. Hence another lie!
In fact, ‘Crooked Joe’ supported the effort until 2005 when he came out against then-President George W. Bush’s handling of the conflict, not the reasoning for the war itself. Further evidence also disputes ‘Crooked Joe’s’ claim that he believed the authorization vote could be used as leverage against Hussein. During a 1998 Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, ‘Crooked Joe’ argued that U.N. weapons inspectors would never succeed in Iraq while Hussein remained in power. Yet the ‘Crooked Joe’ of today seems to tell a very different story. Odd, don’t you think?
And it was during this same ‘debate’ that ‘Crooked Joe’ also claimed that President Trump “weakened the sanctions” on North Korea, an allegation contradicted by the fact that North Korea is currently under unprecedented sanctions and the Trump administration has refused to soften them. ‘Crooked Joe’ also stated that he would not, as president, meet with Kim Jong-un without preconditions. He then proceeded to claim that President Trump gave Kim “legitimacy” by meeting with him twice, in 2018 and 2019, and that President Trump had loosened sanctions on the country.
And his claim that President Trump “weakened the sanctions we have against” North Korea simply is not true. The Trump administration has not weakened sanctions and imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang as recently as Tuesday. The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned the Korea Namgang Trading Corporation, a North Korean company that generates funds for the regime overseas, and Beijing Sukbakso, a Chinese company that helps process the profits, on the very same day ‘Crooked Joe’ claimed the administration was weakening sanctions.
The new sanctions join those that the Trump administration convinced the United Nations Security Council to impose on the country in 2017, following its most recent nuclear weapon test. The administration convinced North Korea’s closest allies, Russia and China, not to use their veto powers to prevent unprecedentedly strict sanctions on the regime. So the more ‘Crooked Joe’ opens his mouth, the more we can expect him to spew nothing but lies. He seem to be under the misguided impression that he will believed no matter how outrageous his lies are about President Trump.
And so it is then that ‘Crooked Joe’ continues with his attempt to misrepresent, or outright lie about, certain recent events in what would appear to be an attempt, on his part, to portray himself as being something other than what he most definitely is and to portray President Trump as something other than what we know him to be. It’s sad, really, that ‘Crooked Joe’ feels that the only way he can convince Americans to vote for him is to so blatantly lie about what President Trump has done, and continues to do, in his continuing effort to “Make America Great Again.”
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