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by on November 2, 2019
Let me start out by simply saying that Chris Wallace is about as far removed from being a bona fide ‘journalist’ as one can possible be. It’s Wallace and the many others just like him who represent the very worst kind ‘journalism,’ in that what they presume to be ‘journalism’ bears a striking resemblance to pure propaganda. And it’s truth that actually seems to matter very little to those like Wallace, because with them it can never be about the truth of whatever issue they are speaking about, only the politics of it. The sort of politics that runs counter to all that our country is.
But to be honest, Wallace does come by the rather skewed manner in which he presents the news. You see, it’s in that regard that he is much like his pathetic old man, who I’m sure those who remember him will remember him as being someone who also seemed to see as his job the attacking of those on the right as being less than competent, and that’s being polite. And it’s Chris who proudly carries on the family tradition as he takes every opportunity to slander conservative politicians and constantly takes part in some very questionable ‘reporting’ on President Trump.
For example, it was earlier this week that ‘Commie Chris’ claimed he could “feel goosebumps” as House Democrats voted to approve a resolution establishing the procedures for their partisan impeachment inquiry. So was it the fact that he was watching Democrats shred our Constitution that caused him to “feel goosebumps? And while it was Chris Matthews who once got a tingle running up his leg when O-Bummer was elected president, it’s today that we have ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace feeling “goosebumps” from a vote by Democrats to impeach President Trump.
It was during Fox News’ live coverage of the vote that ‘Commie Chris’ revealed his odd sensation saying, “As they called the vote, I have to say I can feel goosebumps.” And that was just before he went on to add, “You cannot overstate how dramatic this is and what a decision the Democrats have made to pursue this course.” Serious people should feel revulsion at how our institutions are being degraded by a rapidly deteriorating Democrat Party, not “feel goosebumps.” This is a serious attack on our form of government, and this clown sees it as if it is a form of entertainment. Sick!
So the House voted 232-196, pretty much along party lines, in supporting this source of ‘Commie Chris’s’ near orgasmic sensation. Four lawmakers abstained, while no Republican voted for the measure. Most notably it was two Democrats, Jeff Van Drew and Collin Peterson, who opposed the measure. Former Republican, and now Independent, Justin Amash backed the resolution. ‘Commie Chris’ later noted in the segment that the impeachment proceedings targeting President Trump differ greatly from those against President Richard Nixon as the later had bipartisan support.
And in reminiscing about Nixon Wallace said, “There was a bipartisan agreement at that time, even though obviously the impeachment of Richard Nixon was a big deal, but a bipartisan agreement that it needed to go to that kind of an investigation.” He said, “Here you see the party divisions holding, all the Democrats with the exception of I think two, voting for this inquiry, all of the Republicans I think with no defections voting against it, so this city is still polarized despite the efforts of Democrats and their closed-door hearings to try to build a case against the president.”
And he went onto add, “What will be interesting to see is what happens when we have open hearings and the American people get to judge and conceivable to put pressure on their representatives and either, ‘Yep, there’s a case against the president’ or ‘Nope, there isn’t.’ But the Democrats have cast their die now and this is going to roll out over the next two months.” Two months? Seriously? This investigation will last as a distraction from Trump's campaign and his Presidential successes with the vote to impeach being pushed all the way to the 2020 election.
And something that he’d be unlikely to bring up is how the only hope that the Democrats have to defeat President Trump in 2020 is if they can somehow manage to parlay their claim that the president has committed some sort of crime into an impeachable offense and a reason for people not to vote for him. And this, my friends, is where ‘Commie Chris’ sees himself as being most able to assist. You see, the majority of Americans view Ukraine as a nothing-burger, just a scam like all of the others, and it’s ‘Commie Chris’ who sees it as his job to prove to them that it is not.
I would like to think that “Commie Chris’ will have a rather tough job ahead of him in trying to convince folks that it’s really not a political hit job that they’re witnessing. And it’s my fervent hope that the average American will be able to continue to see through all of the many lies being told in the attempt to destroy President Trump, lies that have been told since even before he was elected. And despite their best efforts, President Trump has still accomplished much. ISIS has been destroyed, stock markets are at record highs and unemployment is at record lows across all categories.
Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that President Trump has done a great job in improving America for all of its citizens. He's also unique in that he's the only President to keep or fight to keep, all the promises he made to the people when he was a candidate. In his entire eight years in office O-Bummer didn't come close to the successes that President Trump has achieved in combating Islamic terrorism. And for all his good deeds and keeping his campaign promises, the Democrats want only to impeach him? So apparently there is no good deed that goes unpunished?
And even though ‘Commie Chris’ seems to have convinced himself otherwise, his opinions really don’t mean much to President Trump’s supporters. Look, anyone who actually thinks that this ass is unbiased in his ‘reporting’ on the president, and his supporters, is obviously more than a little brain damaged. ‘Fox News’ was once considered to be a ‘news’ source you could trust to be “Fair and Balanced” and to provide you the truth if you were a Conservative/Republican. But no more, all that has now changed thanks to likes of ‘Commie Chris’ and ‘Judge Napi’ Napolitano.
Progressives, Leftists, Socialists, Democrats or whatever else you wish to call them, because there’s really not a dime’s worth of difference between any of them, would never be able to advance their toxic agenda without first harnessing the complete support of those like ‘Commie Chris’ and others like him in the ‘fake news’ media. These people ARE the enemy of the American people and the Constitution. They are driving this country toward civil war. And they seem not the least bit concerned. If they cannot win at the ballot box, they will seek to ‘win’ ANY way they can.
Look, this isn’t about anyone agreeing or disagreeing with this continuing impeachment scam. This is about a dumbed down Democrat electorate that wants President Trump gone regardless of the truth. They hate him, and because they hate they hate him, they want him impeached. They don’t care about facts involved or the logic behind it. All they know is, “Orange man bad!” But I for one am going to work as hard as I can to convince as many people as I can to vote to vote for President Trump in 2020. I want a landslide and I want the Democrat Party destroyed in 2020.
If a president can be charged for ‘crimes’ without ever having those crimes accurately articulated, what does that tell the average citizen? Democrats are doing all they can to take down a duly elected president, and they will work to continue this circus all the way to the next election. Democrats are desperate to win the next election, so much so that there is literally nothing that they will not say or do in their effort to take down our duly elected president. They have continued to lie in their attempt to destroy a President who is doing all that he can for ALL of the American people.
Every day I read the news, I can't believe how crazy things have now gotten. Those of us who continue to support this president are have been called, and are continued to be called, some of the most vile names, and for no other reason than because we support President Trump. Make no mistake about it, the Democrat's impeachment vote conducted earlier this week was nothing more than a declaration of war against both the American people and the Constitution. And it’s ‘journalists’ like ‘Commie Chris’ who are more than happy to join with the Democrats in destroying our country.
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