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by on October 4, 2019
So riddle me this…What is it about ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden running for president that would now make him, in any way, totally immune to being investigated for his much bragged about, on videotape, blatant act of corruption and his rabid abuse of power? And what makes the act of requesting the governments involved, in this case both Ukraine and China, to investigate said corruption an impeachable offense simply because the request came from the man whom ‘Crooked Joe’ hopes to be the political opponent of, although Joe’s chances seem to fading pretty rapidly.
But be that as it may, that has now become the latest reason for justifying the impeachment of the president since every other attempt by the Democrats to rid themselves of having to run again Donald Trump once again, has pretty much come up empty. And it allows them to continue with their vendetta against President Trump. And let’s be very clear here, that’s all this really is! Donald Trump dared to beat the Democrats’ heir apparent to the presidency, and it’s because of that lone act that he must now be made to face the punishment Democrat’s feel he has earned.
So the new standard is, if you wish to abuse your power as a politician for financial gain, simply run for office and you will suddenly become immune from any and all prosecution because no one will be able to look into your actions, but only as long as you happen to be a Democrat, of course. A Republican would never get to enjoy the same luxury of being immune from investigation, and prosecution, from any act of corruption, either real or imagined, by simply running for office. That is, as we have seen so very many times before, a luxury to be enjoyed only by those on the left.
And the most recent nutcase of a Democrat to make the claim that President Trump’s recent request that the questionable behavior of ‘Crooked Joe’ be looked into also happens to be yet another Democrat running for president, Sen. Amy Klobuchar. It was during a Thursday appearance over at ‘fake new’ HQ, on “CNN Tonight”, that this hapless twit once again stated that President Trump is ‘breaking the law’ by asking foreign leaders to find dirt on his political opponents and that his comments about China and Ukraine investigating the Bidens are clearly an impeachable offense.
And it was the show’s host, Don ‘LeMoan,’ who asked, “Is what we saw today from the president, his public comments, an impeachable offense, do you think?” To which Klobuchar of course responded by saying, “I don’t know what else you’d call it. And of course, the investigation has to go on in the House. But what we have going on here…it’s really the same fact pattern. You have a president who is not following the law, and he’s basically asking foreign leaders to get him dirt on a political opponent, which is not legal.” Not following the law? Really? And she’s a sitting U.S. Senator?
I would like to know how she extrapolates “to get him dirt” from the evidence we have? Can't the words be interpreted to mean that our President is asking the nation within which the potential crime was committed to provide to our nation whatever evidence of the crime that might exist? If asking a foreign nation to provide evidence they may have of a crime being committed against America is illegal, then what are those who we now have gathering evidence of other crimes, such as Iranian money laundering, etc., doing? Wouldn't THAT be considered to be a crime, as well?
And why don't ANY of our so-called journalists, who seem to be so focused on the spreading of fake news, actually do their job and start asking such questions of those like this boob Klobuchar? Instead, we are being fed nothing but propaganda 24/7/365. The media has a serious responsibility to this nation to report facts to the American people so that we can best make decisions about our leaders. There's a reason they're called the fourth estate; their duty is essential to our nation and they have brought us closer to total destruction than any external enemy EVER could.
Whenever any of these loons accuse President Trump of breaking the law, it’s then that the reporter should ask, but never does, about which law it is that the president is actually acting in violation of. But instead the accusation always goes unchallenged. And just how is it impeachable for a President to ask a country to do the right thing? ‘Crooked Joe’ is a citizen. And do we really want as our president someone who seems to think that some citizens, whether political elites, the wealthy, or Democrat ‘candidates’ should somehow be treated differently than everyone else?
‘Corrupt joe’ Biden is no better than any other citizen. If he and his son engaged in criminal or unethical behavior, it needs to be investigated. If the Bidens are innocent, asking China and Ukraine to investigate them would actually help them in the end, by clearing their names. It’s funny how the chair of the FEC doesn't seem to understand this. Like Klobuchar she must think that if one commits a crime in other countries, one should be able to brag about it on tape and then announce that one is running against Donald Trump because then the president’s hands will be tied.
And let’s be clear, President Trump did not ask for anyone to dig up dirt on either of the crooked Biden's, those words were not part of the phone call. President Trump is authorized by both the Constitution and International Treaties to ask for an investigation of corruption committed in foreign affairs in the name of the United States. Amy Klobuchar proves she's nothing more than a trained lemming, always ready to believe lies and run off a high cliff. Democrats like her truly do represent a very clear and present danger to this country and should hold no public office!
Sorry Amy, but ‘Crooked Joe’ is simply not entitled to any form of immunity from investigation for corruption simply because he happens to be a candidate for president, at least for now. Look, ‘Crooked Joe’ knew when he declared his candidacy that a new Ukrainian president would very likely open the door to allowing President Trump to ask for an investigation. And I’m sure he was pretty confident that he would be provided with plenty of cover from the ‘fake news’ media if just such a thing were to happen. ‘Crooked Joe’ and son should be prosecuted.
I love it when Democrats try to deny that we have ‘Crooked Joe’ on tape bragging about how he essentially coerced the leader of another country, unlike the transcript of the president’s infamous phone call where you need to make a dozen different inferences to get to where the Democrats would like us to be. We have ‘Crooked Joe’ threatening to hold back $1 Billion unless a certain prosecutor is fired while at the same time Democrats make all sorts of claims regarding what was really nothing more than a pretty innocuous phone call that took place between two world leaders.
Those who are truly in need of being removed from office are the raving lunatics like this loon, Amy Klobuchar! When the Democrats are corrupt they invent lies to accuse others in an effort to cover up their own culpability, and their questionable associations with foreign governments and oligarchs. And they have no trouble finding those in the ‘fake news’ media to assist in providing them with some level of cover. They all may very well be guilty of treason, particularly when they commit sedition, subversion and attempt a coup against the President of the United States.
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