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by on August 9, 2019
Re; 'The Hunt' Movie
In the wake of three deadly mass shootings over the past two weekends, a major motion picture studio has paused promotion of a film set for release next month. 'The Hunt,' which is being marketed as a dark satire, depicts wealthy elites hunting down and killing rural and red state 'deplorables' for sport. For the time being, trailers like this have been taken out of circulation.
Note the hypocrisy in which leftists demanded President Trump denounce white supremacism and gun violence after the El Paso shootings, yet they refused to denounce Antifa only yesterday after their first round of debates when called upon to do so. (Reference: Not One Democratic Presidential Candidate Responds When Asked if They Condemn #Antifahttps://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/mark-jennings/not-one-democratic-presidential-candidate-will-condemn-violence-riddled
It just shows you how out of touch with reality liberals really are. My home county in South Dakota has the 2nd highest per capita ownership of firearms in the entire United States. The only other county in the country with a higher per capita ownership is in Texas.
If those stupid morons think they could possibly get the drop on rural deplorables, they're in for a world of hurt & a very rude awakening. Consider the fact that our side has 8 trillion bullets and their side doesn't know which bathroom to use. Most of them haven't got a clue how to load a gun (they're pacifists).
There are 21.8 MILLION armed forces veterans in the United States. Over 14 MILLION of them an walk into combat TOMORROW. Let THAT sink in. Considering the deplorable way that leftists have treated our veterans, 99% of them are conservatives. Let THAT sink in.
It would be the first day of the final American Revolution!
The Hunt - Official Trailer [HD]
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