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by on June 18, 2019
Isn't that just too bad? Maybe then, if they find out they will no longer get free housing, they will stay away. We can only hope. But of course, as this plan is mentioned, the left whines.
Local housing officials and landlords are complaining to the White House that the plan to evict undocumented immigrants from federally subsidized housing would spark an assortment of problems.
When this proposal is enacted, it would prohibit households with at least one unauthorized immigrant from living in federally subsidized housing, according to the Times. The proposal is being pushed by Stephen Miller, President Donald Trump’s top immigration adviser.
The landlords and public housing administrators maintained it would displace some of their most-reliable tenants. They also said it would create additional financial strains on the cash-strapped system.
According to estimates, about 108,000 people receiving benefits would have to be evicted.
The cost of enforcing the proposed restrictions in a city like Los Angeles, where more than 30% of people living in public housing are mixed immigration families, would be almost $10 million.
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