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by on June 1, 2019
Funny, but I’ve always thought that the purpose of a commencement addresses was for the speaker to provide to those graduating a positive, uplifting, perhaps even a pep talk kind of speech as they leave college and venture out into, what will be for most, the stark reality of the cold, cruel world. But it’s becoming far more common that such opportunities are being used, primarily by those on the left, to provide to those in attendance, one final parting shot, so to speak, at our country, at capitalism, and at, in some cases, our current president. And it was just this past week that we had Hitlery using her time at the podium to again attack President Trump. Because as we all know, the old girl has yet to be able to move beyond her humiliating defeat at the hands of President Trump, someone who was then a complete political novice.
And so it was that Hitlery, just this past Wednesday, told the graduates at Hunter College in New York City that when she thinks about the future, she wonders what to do “when people in positions of authority are not held accountable, when they defy requests from the Congress, when they spread misinformation online.” Which you must admit was a rather odd thing to hear from a woman who not only witnessed firsthand such a thing taking place during the last administration, but is guilty of doing the very same thing herself. And while I am pretty sure that most of those in attendance were able to pretty easily recognize her remarks as being little more than the very thinly vailed attack on President Trump that it was, I’m assuming that the reason most of them were there was not to, yet again, hear her whine about losing.
Hitlery likely saw herself as being rather fortunate in that her ‘speech’ would come after Robert Mueller had issued his own bizarre statement regarding his report detailing his ‘findings’ on the Russia ‘investigation’, perhaps seeing it as a source of ammunition. She said, “Just today before this graduation ceremony started, we heard from the special counsel, Robert Mueller, who said there were multiple systemic efforts to interfere in our election.” Hitlery said, “And that allegation deserves the attention of every American, but what we’ve seen from the administration is the complete refusal to condemn a foreign power who attacked our democracy or to take even the most basic steps to protect our voting systems for the future despite the fact that all of the professionals who studied this say more attacks are coming.”
And she then went on to say, “And it’s so clear that there is a real challenge to get to the root of that problem. In fact, it seems clear. It seems absolutely clear that we’ve got to deal with what has been investigated and reported. Now when I think about the future, I think about what do we do when people in positions of authority are not held accountable, when they defy requests from the Congress, when they spread misinformation online.” Hilariously, Hitlery claimed that she only brought up the issue, because “the future of this democracy truly does depend on you, and I know that’s asking a lot, and it can be tempting to read the news and throw your hands up and conclude nothing matters, nothing will change, so why even bother, but it does really, really matter, and this is no time for apathy.” Apathy? Is she serious?
Hitlery said, “Instead, it should be a time for action, because the question for each of us to answer, especially for you graduates is will the symbol of this troubled age be the cynic’s shrug, or will it be the raised hand of the volunteer, the activist’s rolled up sleeves, the linked arms and marching feet of people who demand justice and democracy.” And she went on to add, “The answer is up to all of us, and yes, it is up to you, and the spirit you’ve shown fills me with such hope. The big-hearted, hard-working, expectations-defined spirit that earned you these diplomas is exactly what this country needs right now.” You just can't get any more ironic than that. Sadly I’m sure there were more than a few in the crowd nodding in agreement, after all, they had just concluded four years of what was likely some pretty intense indoctrination.
But for once I must say that I actually agree with Hitlery. Those in positions of authority not only should be held accountable, they MUST be. Such as when our Secretary of State approving the sale of 20% of the U.S. nuclear fuel to a foreign power which then resulted in a rather substantial ‘donation’ made to her ‘foundation/slush fund’ from the foreign company who had ‘purchased’ the nuclear fuel; or when she refuses to acknowledge the need of additional security for an ambassador which then results in the murder of that ambassador along with three other Americans, or when she uses a private email server for government business, includes classified information on that server and then refuses to turn over all correspondence contained on that server to the government. So yes, let's see some of that much needed accountability.
Or, how about when this very same ex Secretary of State ran for president and had her campaign help to cover the cost for what as a phony dossier complied against her opponent which is then used to instigate a phony ‘investigation’ of that very same opponent when she lost the election. And you know, just think about it for a second, had Hitlery actually won in 2016, all of what she will likely end up getting away with, if for no other reason than because she’s a Democrat, would have never even come close to seeing the light of day. And while her fellow Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with any of her many shenanigans, because she’s one of them, most of those outside of the party most certainly will, and do. And yet she continues to play the victim, which would be funny if it weren’t so tragic for our country.
So, what is it that we have when we don’t hold those people in positions of power accountable for their actions? Well, one thing for sure is that we have a greedy, corrupt, incompetent, woman running for president and when defeated refusing to accept the fact that she lost. Ya gotta hand it to this brazen old hag, she runs a horrible campaign that results in her losing an election, one which by all rights she should have won, and then continues to blame her loss on her opponent by accusing him of having cheated to win. And as someone who has NEVER been held to account for any of her many crimes, the audacious chutzpah of this woman is absolutely breathtaking. And so if Hitlery’s speech makes anything crystal clear it’s that we shouldn’t expect to hear from her, any time soon, that she accepts her defeat.
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