Steve Johnson (EC)
by on May 15, 2019
Donald Trump rejects the free market. He is, in face, SOCIALIST in his thinking on economics. Here is the evidence:
1. Tariffs which are designed to protect one industry at the cost of others.
2. Price controls on medicines & drugs (textbook socialism).
3. Eminent domain or taking over private property by the state for non-national emergency uses (i.e. a new casino or hotel).
4. His need to dictate to the federal reserve bank. (Don't get me started on why we shouldn't have a Fed in the 1st place.)
5. Bailing out specific companies.
6. Tax cuts which made the system more progressive than ever and took millions out of the system.
7. Threatening specific companies because he doesn't like them or what they do or how they operate.
8. Multiple statements on health care being paid for by the government.
9. His absolute love of debt and spending without restraint or responsibility.
I could continue with numerous other examples but these will suffice for now. The NY liberal Donald J. Trump is socialism on steroids. This is the biggest con job in American history.
What is even more tragic is how so many former Tea Party supporters buy into and wholeheartedly support socialism. Nikita Khrushchev was right. It's all coming true right before our eyes. And there are precious few willing to stand up against it.
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