Steve Johnson (EC)
by on April 23, 2019
I may be a dirty ol’ no-good so-and-so, but I am ABLE to stand for the principles taught me in my youth. I am WILLING to stand for those principles taught me in my youth. I will not for anyone or for any cause be made to stand down from those principles.
The man who now serves as The President of The United States of America was raised by different principles than I. He has always lived and continues to live by those principles. From observing his now grown children, they are living out those principles taught them by their father.
I have no reason to think that those now grown children are teaching their children anything but those same principles, with their grandfather coming alongside reinforcing those principles, generation upon generation.
The two sets of principles described here are vastly different. The first set of principles described is based directly on treating all others with respect. The second set is based on something substantially less, selfishness. As time continues to narrow into the ever diminishing whirlpool of known physical life, as with all things, one or the other of these two sets of principles will win out, and the other will be removed from existence.
Until the recent past I was convinced, naively perhaps, that those with whom I shared my formative years were as stalwart about that first set of principles as I. I am now left to come to grips with the very real possibility that I was wrong, and that some of them were not as grounded as I had believed. I hope, with the core of my existence that the first set of principles, of respecting all others, wins out.
From all that I have observed over the last four years, I am not optimistic. Fatalistic, you say? No, realistic. And Almighty God is willing to direct our paths, but following those paths? Well, he leaves that up to us.
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