don dorsey
by on April 9, 2019
One day, not so long ago, we gave up our cars and our air conditioners so that the climate could cool and the Earth would heal. It was not enough. So we shuttered our factories and stilled our cities, turning our backs on the technology we had grown to despise. At first, pleased with our virtue, we celebrated our righteousness, willing to abandon human advancement for a simpler, more natural existence. But out of the ruins of our collapsing economies, the scientific consensus, whose moral code we had raised above that of even God himself, called for deeper sacrifices, harder choices. So out of a desperate fear for survival, we embraced the mass sterilizations.
Although our intentions were pure, we soon found that the primitive life we had proclaimed as our savior could neither feed the poor nor care for the sick. The abundance we once took for granted had turned to bread lines and riot squads. You may judge us harshly, but it had to be done. Any other way would have taken decades, decades which our dying cities and fragile planet did not have. And so we turned to the only option left to a desperate people. We began to construct the death camps.
One day, not so long ago, they told us that because of climate change, billions of people would die. They were right.
Donald Dorsey
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