Steve Johnson (EC)
by on April 5, 2019
The quote that will not go away is this: “Donald Trump’s character was on the ballot in 2016. His voters did not care.”
Think about that. For that to be true in The United States Of America is at best surrealistic, at worst, condemning. At my age it just very near defies belief, that the country in which I was raised to believe in honor, integrity, standing for that which is true and good, failing down but getting back up, failing but not giving up...all these things are those by which I was raised and believe to be true.
But for those who opted for changing their own personal path from those things in which they had invested the entirety of their existence, choosing instead to align themselves with greed, prejudice, hatred of others unlike themselves, incivility, indecency, and yes, that very thing that Solomon told us multiple times to avoid: vanity....being defined simply as “the pointless belief that placing one’s own reasoning above that of God’s instructions will serve you well”. It will not.
That is now being borne out with each passing day of The Trump Presidency. God’s people behaved stupidly, believing that they could put God’s Word aside, only long enough to save their country. That was and is vanity at it’s worst. Yet here we are, in a nation with so many freedoms that we don’t even know how to appreciate, much less protect them, and millions of self-professed Christians trying to convince themselves that they really did good by distancing themselves from God’s Word in order to save their nation as they grew up believing it to be, but in truth only tried to save it for themselves, and no others.
God is not amused.
There’s only ONE solution: turn away from the vanity in which you have invested yourself.
Turn away from Donald Trump and all that he is.
Turn away from his influences.
They will not make a nation great. They will only suck it dry of principle, leaving it hollow, just a facade of what it once was.
Turn back to those truths taught to you in your youth. Find your voice. Stand for what is good and right, and against those things of dishonesty. It’s the only liberty you’re gonna find.
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