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by on March 1, 2019
They destroyed what private insurance we had, by forcing Obamacare on us, and they bankrupted Medicaid, so why would we allow them to even touch Medicare? So let's go over the key points, they don't want you to know.
First of all, this hairbrained plan would ban all private insurance, even those plans provided by your employer. And this time around, you can't even keep your doctor.
Also, everyone will be on Medicare, within 2 years, or so they tell us. Remember, Odummercare took 3 years to fully implement, and its website crashed many times. This time, the government must move 10 times as many people to the new system. But the plan doesn't say how the government will do it.
Democrats also tell us it's free. This means no premiums, co-pays, or deductibles. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? And to top it all off, no one says how much it will cost, or exactly just how they will pay for it. Where will the money come from? Most likely, from taxes, taxes, and taxes.
Under this plan, one is guaranteed long term care, without any idea as to how to pay for it. As we all know, long term care includes costly services over years, even decades. The only potential presidential candidate that didn't include that stipulation in his plan was Bernie Sanders.
Medicare for all also eliminates the existing state and federal Obamacare exchanges. On the negative side, this means people will lose the insurance they currently have. But on a good note, Odummercare is finally repealed and replaced.
And most likely, you will find that this plan will cover "all" illegal immigrants residing in the US. The Secretary of Health and Human Services will decide who qualifies as a “resident.” Remember, these are the people who want open borders.
The bill will also change federal law that currently bans direct funding for abortion (which, to Democrats, includes during birth and possibly after). The bill also bars states from excluding abortion coverage.
Good pipe dream, isn't it? Someone has to pay for it.
Last year, President Trump signed the "right to try" legislation into law that allowed patients to try experimental drugs, unless they had permission from the HHS Secretary. This plan would do away with all that.
Also eliminated is "for-profit medicine." The co-writers of this bill believe that to make a profit is evil.
It then bans hospitals and doctors from trying to increase revenue. It specifically states that Medicare payments cannot be used for the basic business of running a hospital, including marketing and “incentive payments or bonuses.”
The federal government will then set national fees, regardless of local factors like the availability of doctors. That is only one aspect of the program that is subject to central planning. Even building or renovating hospitals must be centrally approved.
And really good doctors won't be allowed to receive a bonus. In fact the bill prohibits bonuses, incentive payments, or compensation based on utilization of services or the financial results of any health care provider. Success, like profit, is bad. Only a Democrat can come up with this half baked idea.
And should a doctor give an individual patient special help, he or she is punished. Doctors will be banned from the system for a year if they make “a private contract with an eligible individual” for services covered by “Medicare for All.”
But the loony Demonrats apparently haven't learned their lesson yet, since the failure of their pride and joy, "Obamacare". Instead of screwing up healthcare for all, they should be working with Republicans on how to cover the remaining Americans who don't have insurance. Or better yet, why not just get the hell out of healthcare altogether.
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