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by on February 21, 2019
Also, we are now learning that the US military plans to inspect family housing complexes throughout Europe in the next month following a Reuters report detailing hazardous and squalid living conditions in privatized military housing in the U.S. These inspections are a result of a series of investigations done by Reuters.
The Reuters report found dangerous lead levels and cases of childhood poisoning on several U.S. Army bases and said Army clinics were often failing to report high test results to state health authorities as required.
Also, according to many residents, servicemembers and their families were living in housing with black mold, vermin infestations, flooding, radon, and faulty wiring, and said their complaints were met with resistance.
And as of 1996, 99 percent of on-base housing has been privatized.
Military officials in europe will ask tenants whether they are satisfied with the health and safety of their home and if they have any work requests that have not been fulfilled.
The majority of housing overseas, though, will not be checked as many tenants live in privately leased houses and apartments.
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