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by on February 21, 2019
For quite some time, we've heard of the deplorable conditions, the homes are for military families on US bases. So today the U.S. Army’s private landlords committed to providing military families greater say and safer homes, endorsing a military blueprint that aims to reduce hazards in base housing and give tenants a stronger voice when problems arise.
Executives from the 7 real estate companies which manage some 87,000 Army housing units at more than 40 bases, pledged a series of reforms following a Pentagon meeting earlier this week with the Army’s three senior leaders – Secretary Mark Esper, Chief of Staff Mark Milley and Sergeant Major Daniel Dailey.
Those landlords agreed to hire more staff, and respond faster to the complaints by setting up online tracking systems for service requests. They also endorsed a military-proposed “tenant bill of rights” that will allow families to withhold rent while preventing the private housing companies from charging fees when families receive poor service.
This is the latest action to address the serious housing hazards at bases nationwide.
The exposed truth of the conditions of the homes told how military families lack basic tenant protections in disputes with their landlords over vermin, mold and other hazards. Local inspectors generally lack enforcement authority on military bases, and base command staff said they had limited power to intervene under the companies’ 50-year contracts.
Company officials said Thursday, that they have already enacted some changes and continue to work with the military branches on related reforms at their installations.
The terms of the landlord reform plan – such as under which circumstances residents can withhold rent, and how the provisions will be enforced – has yet to be ironed out. It’s likely the Army and its private industry partners will have to renegotiate some aspects of their contracts.
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