Steve Johnson (EC)
by on February 19, 2019
I'm a constitutional conservative so I vehemently oppose delegating absolute power to any branch of govt. I oppose the power that a declaration of national emergency allows such as seizing private property, martial law and unchecked spending. What i find absolutely astounding is that you all aren't nailing him to the wall over the fact that he plans to strip funds from our military rather than from PP, Obamacare, welfare, or some other socialist programs that gives tax payer dollars to illegal immigrants.
If we allow this, we're inviting other Marxists to declare an emergency over guns, healthcare, social injustice against homosexuals, economic injustice, income inequality, abortion or whatever other bleeding heart reason they can think of.
I oppose absolute power from any branch of govt by any POTUS. Period. Our founders NEVER intended for that power to be abused unless we were in imminent danger of attack.
I want a wall as much as anyone. But, I'm not stupid enough to surrender all of my constitutional rights to the feds to get it. In fact, because the omnibus monstrosity was signed into law yesterday, I know a border wall isn't even possible now because the bill provides any municipality who votes down a wall in their jurisdiction an exemption from it. Furthermore, I understand the fact that republicans led by trump had 2 years to secure unabated funding for a wall or FULLY ENFORCE EXISTING IMMIGRATION LAW that would've prevented EVERY SINGLE bit of this crap in the first place.
There will be no wall under this flaming liberal administration, face that fact. And, sadly, now-- thanks to his complete and I believe intended capitulation to the left-- there never will be a wall. There was never going to be a wall. It was all a lie. You would've known that if you hadn't traded the TRUTH in for a lie.
I understand wanting desperately to believe the empty promises, especially if you didn't know better. But, now....if you continue to support him you're not pro-life, pro-wall, pro-American, or pro-conservative. You're just pro-trump. That's all. Nothing else. There is absolutely NO DEFENSE for this monstrosity nor his declaration of emergency. None.
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