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by on February 18, 2019
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio
“An unmanned systems future, really for almost every facet of our life, is inevitable. It is not going away, so we need to deal with it head-on."
- Brig. Gen. Frank Kelley, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Unmanned Systems
It's brilliant in concept and possibilities yet ever so dangerous at the same time. It's the hoped for wave of the future that could actually deny humankind that very said future if gotten into the wrong hands. And in the present it grows ever stronger by the day...by the hour...by the minute...even by the second. And it's something that above all else we...the United States of America...must control...no, ifs, ands, or buts.
And I'm not talking about nuclear weapons, EMPs, or anything on what is such a primitive level...and that is the most scary part of all for we gave birth to this something without even realizing exactly what it was that we birthed. Did we give birth to a new god at the expense of God 'the Most Holy' Himself as many fear or did we give birth to the devil incarnate...or maybe it's something in between...only in time will we know the answer.
But know that time is running out as the doomsday clock has now been reset, and that clock might no longer be under our control but under the control of what's known as “Artificial Intelligence” (AI)) the very something we...the true keepers of knowledge and power...gave birth to.
And to that affect, last Monday, February 11th, President Trump wisely signed an executive order launching the American Artificial Intelligence Initiative ...an initiative that outlines his "bold, decisive actions to ensure that AI continues to be fueled by American ingenuity, reflects American values and is applied for the benefit of the American people," and that it does so through a "multi-pronged approach." And while said approach does consist of five key components...research and development; infrastructure availability of resources and data; ethical standards and governance; education and building the workforce; and international engagement...key components for what Trump, in his State of the Union Address, called "investments in the cutting edge industries of the future”...the true goal of this initiative is to assure that we, the United States, remains ahead of other nations, most especially China, on the technology front by designing better machines...machines that “think.”
Basically what President Trump's executive order does is make research and development of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities a national priority with federal agencies working together to develop regulatory and ethics rules for how artificial intelligence is to be used and by whom. Also saying that agencies must keep track of their spending while no specific funds for research and development have been set aside as of yet...there are also few details available as to exactly how Trump plans to put these new policies regarding what in reality is machine-learning and human-machine teaming into affect.
And what is being ignored by so many or at least what is being played down is the fact such an advanced teaming could, if gotten into the wrong hands, backfire on us as some machines can already on some basic level teach themselves to “think”...to make independent decisions on their own with no human input needed.
And while that “thinking” seems to be “thinking” in a harmless sort of way done through what's called “predictive advanced algorithms”...the language of mathematics to the nth degree...it still remains independent “thinking” nevertheless, because algorithms can learn and make predictions on data without being programmed to do so. And this learning and prediction making continues in the background even after a program is built and in operation.
For example, machines that once required humans to download information...to program data into them...now see in some instances those very machines actually creating and downloading data on their very own...the Matrix come to life...sort of. Intelligence gathering machines...super-computers...that can now program themselves to “win”...programming themselves in an abstract sort of way to “think.”
An example of a machine...of a computer...winning can be seen in the game of chess, where chess Grandmasters Garry Kasparov and Hans Berliner have both publicly stated that computers are finding chess moves that human players could not possibly know, therefore said winning programs could not have been programmed into them. And yet the computer is winning chess matches that it should never have won. Now actually teaching human chess players those particular moves shows that a machine...a computer...has triumphed over man...something to think about I'd say...something to precede with on a most cautious of levels.
And with the ability to “think,” even regarding something as trivial as a game, comes a caveat that cannot and must not be ignored for while machines are emotionless objects they now have proven they can indeed “think”...in a rudimentary sort of way. But for how long will machines remain emotionless objects...for how long will they be missing the key components that separates man from machine...as in the ability to know right from wrong along with the consequences of good and bad decisions...to know and recognize good from evil...to understand the all-important concept of remorse...to attain a type of consciousness if you will...to simply posses what we call the “soul.”
And if a machine...a super-computer...is able to somehow develop a “soul” on its own or is somehow imprinted with the “soul” of its creator would said “soul” be good or evil...that's a chance some are willing to take while others are not.
I, for one, am willing to take such a chance and soon I'll tell you why.
So while what we call a “soul” has yet to be programmed into any machine...into any computer super or otherwise...and has yet to be learned and imprinted on a machine by the machine itself...there remains the remote possibility that if it has somehow and somewhere been accomplished it's not something the public is privy too...at least not at this time and maybe never will be until it's too late...if even then.
But the most important thing to understand is that “he”...whether “he” be a country, a man, or a machine itself... “he” who gives a machine...gives a super-computer...a “soul”...will become both lord and master over us all, especially if said machine gains military control. And for this reason above all else is why we, the United States of America, must be the keeper of any machine's...of any super-computer's...“soul.”
Remember, artificial intelligence is already playing a large part in our lives...but it's a part we still have control over as we are the ones who program the data on which that particular AI is run. For example, Amazon's use of artificial intelligence helps us to easily shop online; A.I. both scans hospital radiological and F.B.I. databases; it routes taxis and Ubers; and 'Google Translate' allows for a real-time conversation with someone in a foreign language...all seemingly innocuous endeavors.
But even that innocuousness has now impinged on some security and privacy gray areas what with both Apple and Microsoft using voice and image recognition to run its services, and with the infamous Facebook also using image recognition as well as specially designed algorithms that selectively target for punishment only those whose thoughts they don't agree with...don't agree with on subjects of their choosing alone.
And simple impinging is just the beginning for dare we forget both the current and the very near-future military applications of artificial intelligence. Using cloud-based applications as the driving force in AI's military growth, now sees the world's major military powers...as in the U.S., Russia, China, and Israel (never underestimate Israel)...being focused on the direct integration of artificial intelligence into super high-tech autonomous weapons systems, automated robots, self-driving military vehicles, and highly advanced stage UAV control (unmanned aerial vehicles) systems more commonly known as drones. And know all is currently in use with more highly advanced prototypes on their and our military drawing boards.
And most importantly, know that all are weapons of war.
And all this advancement will come to fruition within a few years time for remember that all military decisions being currently programmed into a machine are based upon previous records of data and a given set of algorithms already in use, but as more and more machines start to “think” on their own the time frame for implementation of any new algorithm will greatly be reduced. And this is why we, the United States of America, must control the future of artificial intelligence for any and all military decisions made, especially those that have worldwide implications, best be our decisions not the aforementioned theirs (save for Israel of course) for super-computer generated wars might just turn out to be the most bloody of all.
And this is exactly why the race for artificial intelligence is front and center in the wants of President Trump. In fact, a recent released Pentagon report from the Defense Intelligence Agency called Challenges To Security In Space warns that both China, Russia, and to a somewhat lesser extent North Korea and Iran, are working to develop capabilities via lasers that could start such a computer-generated war.
How so...by targeting and then destroying U.S. satellites and/or disrupting, degrading, or damaging said satellites or by simply disabling a satellites much needed sensors system. Remember, our satellites play a key role in everything from navigation, weapons targeting, and intelligence gathering...intelligence gathering as in keeping tabs on North Korea's nuclear weapons program or should I say the agreed upon but as yet to be done dismantling of said nuclear weapons program; detecting enemy missile launches as in Iran's continuing IBM testing; along with monitoring ongoing Russian and Chinese military activity to name just a few.
And not to be overlooked is the fact that China is currently ramping up its space program with plans to land its first unmanned probe on Mars by the end of 2020...and that they already have an operational missile capable of hitting satellites in low-Earth orbit. And to make matters even more contentious Russia is currently in the process of developing such a missile as well.
But most importantly of all is that President Trump is well aware of the fact that both the Chinese and the Russians know that whatever country...controls space controls all of the happenings on Earth.
Remember how the Democrats all laughed at Reagan's predicted “Star Wars”...ain't so funny now is it...as the future of war will indeed be fought in space with artificial intelligence being the flag bearer of such a war. And that is exactly why we must keep our lead in space both in exploration and militarily, and that can only be accomplished through artificial intelligence overriding any and everything America's enemies might throw at us.
And it's for this reason alone as to why President Trump rightfully called for the "American Artificial Intelligence Initiative" to be moved to front burner at this particular point in time no matter any of the other applications that the “Initiative” hides behind.
The truth about the quest for artificial intelligence and its political ramifications must be told, and that truth must be accepted even while certain questions remain as to whom if any we share A.I.'s "soul" with for our very lives as both master of our own and America's destiny depends on it. President Trump gets it...I get it...do you?
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