Steve Johnson (EC)
by on February 6, 2019
“All children, born and unborn, are made in the Holy image of God. The final part of my agenda is to protect American security.” Trump SOTU
Lol- way to combine two issues....he’s on auto-pilot about the wall.
To answer all the friends, actual and FB-when they excitedly asked, “But aren’t you happy Trump is protecting the unborn and talked about it in the SOTU?”
So how did Trump and the GOP “Protect the unborn”? By giving Planned Parenthood $500M a YEAR? Adding up to BILLIONS over the years? By continuing the funding of the sale of baby body parts through HHS? THAT kind of “protection”
By appointing a justice who sided with the libs to KEEP taxpayer funded abortions?
Yeah, we don’t need the GOP’s “protection” anymore.
Cheap words, words, words! All Trump/GOP has is sweet talk and cheap lies. They had a chance to take action! They proved they WANT the abortion issue to stay just as it is~their magic carpet ride to money and power.
They continue to make it an issue ONLY when they need to shore up the base or get votes. Quite frankly- the fact that they shut down govt over a wall and then aided and abetted the butchering by giving the butchers the money- makes me sick.
And then they have the audacity to stand up and pat themselves on the back like they are some type of pro-life champs because they can tweet against the horrors of infanticide?
That’s not heroism- that’s cowardice. The GOP chose to do NOTHING when they had the chance. NOTHING. They didn’t take a tough stand to end the funding, regulate it out of business or use any type of EO that Trump LOVES to use in other instances!
All they did to feed the base was put a few talking points into a SOTU and stand up and clap. Hypocrite! Only a handful have ever gone to the mat for the babies-and when they did, they eventually succumbed to the forces within their OWN ranks that shut them down.
No, I am NOT happy he talked about abortion in his SOTU! It’s manipulative lies. I refuse to be gaslighted! All the lie does it buy time for the pro-aborts to laugh all the way to the bank with the checks the GOP gave them- while useful idiots continue to give the shysters their votes because, “See! He’s pro-life!”
It’s all a calculated game and I refuse to play anymore.
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