Steve Johnson (EC)
by on February 4, 2019
This is an epic message from Conley Owen.
All those years, and even until very recently, you involved yourselves in complete and destructive tear down language of anything Democrat. Every cutesy little insulting term that you discovered you would use to disparage them. You thought it was funny. The added bonus was it made you appear really dedicated to hating them, which boosted your status among your fellow Democrat hating friends.
You shined when you called them “demonrats”. You giggled when you called them snowflakes. And of course, if anyone would bother to mention these insults, you would say the mature thing: “Well Democrats did it first.” How Trump-esque. The problem with that answer is that the Democrats here locally DO NOT do that, so your legs fold under you when you use that justification, leaving you nothing on which to stand. And now?
Now this individual that you define as a leader whom you have helped elect to lead a nation of three hundred and twenty-five million souls, has in fact proved himself to be what millions of others told you he was, an incompetent, corrupt worker of evil, you would like for us that have stood, are standing now, and will continue to stand on God’s Word alone in pressing forward against this treasonous individual, to soften our tone and stop drawing attention to the hypocrisy in which you have freely and proudly invested yourself.
The only answer given for why you have acted so foolishly is, “But Hillary...!” Oh, I know. She was gonna turn us into a Socialist nation...all by herself. And she was gonna take every last gun away from every last gun owner...all by herself. She was gonna personally rip babies from wombs....all by herself. So in your fear, you voted for Mr. Charm himself, Donald Trump. In front of millions he made fun of an individual stricken with muscular dystrophy. You didn’t care, because of your hatred for Democrats.
In front of millions he insulted ALL POW’s that have ever lived. You didn’t care, or if you did, not enough to get past that hatred of Democrats. He said that he needed neither repentance nor forgiveness for salvation. You didn’t care. He degraded all sixteen other Republican candidates. You remained silent. You watched as most of the big name Evangelicals said, “We need our own bully, and Donald Trump is ours. He’s gonna save Christianity in America.”
Silent you sat. He pushed every “beyond belief” conspiracy theory imaginable, and you thought, “Maybe he’s right!” Sorry, but that was and remains stupid. He spoke openly of grabbing women by that certain body part. You grinned and walked on. He spoke openly of “..moving on her like a b_tch and trying to fxxx her.” It didn’t phase you. He lies openly and proudly, multiple times hourly, and you know it, but you just don’t care about that Fifth Commandment any more. You just don’t care.
Hillary was by her little seventy-year-old self gonna bring down The United States Of America. You were convinced of it. So you prioritized your hatred for Hillary Clinton and all things Democrat OVER God’s Word. Oh, you pretended to be so conflicted about it. But not really. You were gonna make America great again. The problem with that is your definition of great and God’s definition of great are at this point in time diametrically opposed. I need not remind you who’s definition is correct.
So you can whine and moan and cry and complain about us few out here that never moved a distance from God’s Word that would allow us, like you, to follow our own human logic and support the Biblical definition of a fool. And now you chide that we who are standing on God’s Word alone are just mad about not getting our way, and that we are not loving Christians.
You will forgive me if I defer to God’s Word for His definition of discipleship rather than your humanly reasoned definition of loving Christians.
There is no amount of preaching, teaching, or Evangelical 'opinion' that will change God’s Word, the TOTALITY Of God’s Word, in context. One can build and thrive on The Rock, or one can build and struggle on sand. I choose The Rock, I will not be moved.
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