Ron Bedell
by on December 2, 2018
In 2019 and 2020 the Democrats will be in an all-out-war to destroy the second amendment!
By Ron Bedell
Florida’s newly elected Agriculture Commissioner, Nikki Fried, is a Democrat. The Democratic Party is at war with the second amendment. The Democrats are not in the least bit interested in making America safe or even prosperous. But Donald Trump is! The goal of the Democrats is to completely disarm America (private sector and military) putting America at the mercy of our enemies. Of course the Democrats will say, “We must have reasonable gun control laws.” That is a total lie! What the Democrats really want is the total destruction of the second amendment, and even the first amendment for that matter. In any case we can expect to see a lot of shootings (gun violence) starting right after the Democrats are sworn into office and officially take control of the U.S. House on January 3, 2019. The Satanic New World Order Establishment will plan numerous shootings in 2019 and in 2020! I GUARANTEE IT. HERE IT COMES! BUT WE MUST BE SMART ENOUGH TO RECOGNIZE THAT ALL THESE SHOOTINGS ARE FALSE FLAGS (THAT IS, THEY ARE PLANNED). THEY ARE ALL PLANNED!!! Sure, the Establishment is going to blame the shooting on some “deranged” 19 year old kid. But the only people who are deranged are those globalists who plan to disarm America.
Plus we must also realize that the Establishment controlled American media is extremely deceptive and very powerful. The American media actually has first strike against the American people.
The following must be America’s position on the second amendment: “ABOLISH ALL FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL GUN CONTROL LAWS RIGHT NOW!!!”
The above is the message that needs to be sent to the immoral and anti-American Democratic Party!
There was a lot of voter fraud in this past 2018 election particularly by the Democrats. In fact the Democrats stole at least 13 U.S. House seats from the Republicans. The Democrats also stole the U.S. Senate seat in Arizona. The Democrats actually stole the U.S. House from the Republicans. This election was no different. But thank God the outgoing and corrupt Broward County Supervisor of Elections (Brenda Snipes) is leaving!
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