Ann Dillard
by on September 24, 2018
I have been in a sexual harassment lawsuit caused by a man who asked me to research and write a book for him. He saw my articles in magazines and newspapers around our area. We crossed paths at a Christmas party then he contacted me. This was a business interaction - nothing about it should have been sexual. He was married with children - I knew his wife - we were actually neighbors. He was a wealthy businessman and I was going through a divorce. He used his power of employing me to cross the line and try to make it sexual. That is what sexual harassment is. He solicited me - when he discovered, I needed the income he was paying me, he tried to take advantage and hold that power over me to get what he wanted. He had a long history of doing this to women in business situations. As soon as he made his advances, I contacted an attorney to get away from him. He eventually settled. His wife divorced him - his VP left his company and testified for me. I acted immediately. I did not wait.
What these women coming forth from 36 years ago are doing - is character assassination. They were apparently party girls in high school and college and put themselves in these situations with men. I do not believe Judge Kavanaugh did what they are alleging. But had he - it was in the context of high school - college and at parties where apparently crazy wild behavior was occurring. This is not sexual harassment in the truest form. This is women participating and putting themselves into this position. And why are these women waiting until this last hour to out all this? If they were so traumatized, I should think this all would have been addressed many, many years ago. Also both admitted to being drunk and possibly doing drugs - so how are they even sure what occurred? And there are no witnesses. And Judge Kavanaugh has no history of this kind of behavior for the duration of his life.
I write about women's issues, relationship issues, sexual issues, morality issues, awareness and healing issues, etc. I have lived a lot of life. and become very aware of human behaviors, especially male to female.
It's from this view point, I will say that these women are bought and paid for agenda-filled character assassins for the purpose of trying to stop a conservative from being placed on the Supreme Court and nothing more. These women do not represent standing up for women or 'feminism' or better yet - genuine feminine power - instead they represent weak, vindictive, lowly, whining, fractured, distortions of what a woman of worth and power is. No woman should be sexually objectified except if that is the life style that they choose, as in a porn star, pole dancer, etc. Actually, no human being should be - but at the same time, women/people need to be aware of where they are, where they place themselves and what they are doing... becoming aware and healing themselves should be an on going process to wholeness. These women making these accusations from long ago are a disgrace to all women...
Again, I will add - I do not think Judge Kavanaugh did what these women are alleging. I think these women are liars for the dem/lib/progressive agenda and nothing more. I also think Judge Kavanaugh should sue them for character assassination, pain and suffering.
Enough of this lowly lying agenda-filled character assassination!
Confirm Judge Kavanaugh!
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