Ron Bedell
by on September 7, 2018
Rich DeVos - the man with a dream that changed America and the world
By Ron Bedell
As many of you know the co-founder and first president of the Amway Corporation, Rich DeVos, died yesterday (September 6, 2018) at the age of 92. I believe Rich DeVos was a believer in Jesus Christ and he is in Heaven with Jesus right now. Rich’s son, Doug DeVos, and Jay Van Andel’s son are now the president and chairman of Amway. I would guess that when Rich DeVos and Jay Van Adel first formed Amway back in 1959 they had no idea that their Amway business would become the greatest network marketing business in the history of mankind and would affect the lives of millions of people in America and around the world in a very positive way. Rich DeVos and Jay Van Adel took Amway to America and the world and created financial hope and independence where there was none. They rewarded achievers for their hard work. That was probably their biggest accomplishment.
Since I first heard about Amway I have always had a great respect for Amway and I still do to this day.
Amway was founded by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel in 1959 in Ada, Michigan, USA. They first called the name of their new business “The American Way” but later condensed the name to Amway.
Amway began as a very simple network marketing house hold cleaning business selling soap products but in the coming years quickly expanded to many more products.
Amway was so simple to work. Anybody who could draw circles or sell the products could make money in Amway.
Personally I found Amway to be a lot more than just products and circles. I found Amway to be a life changing business. Yes, you are going to make money in Amway, but more than that, you are going to meet the greatest positive thinkers and success minded people in America and the world. Amway operates in more than 100 countries around the world.
Someone who has made it even to the direct distributor level in Amway has made a major accomplishment. And those who have moved on to the Emerald, Diamond, and Crown direct distributor levels in Amway deserve the greatest recognition. Again it is not about the products and the money, although the products are great and the money is also great. Amway is a life changing business.
Here at home in America while the American media (national and local) and politicians are busy destroying America, Amway is busy rebuilding America and even the world.
Lastly, Rich DeVos has left behind an incredible legacy that will be unmatched by anybody for many decades.
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