stephen J. Vattimo
by on September 1, 2018
It's raining in the world today
The clouds of delusion have blocked out the light of truth
Humanism has performed a lobotomy on my brain
I am afraid to tilt my head to left or to the right
less my brain slides out of my head
and gets a wash down the street, by the rain
Humanism has tried to stamp my brain
with the ideology that there is no wrong or right
Gay or straight
No one chooses
It’s up to the cards you have been dealt
By the dealer of fate
My lobotomy has removed my sense of direction
I don’t know my right from my left
I don’t know the difference between up and down
The rain has me swirling round and round
I want to come to visit you
to receive comfort
But I can’t find my way to your house
Because I have no sense of direction
I would like to pray to God
For him to help me find my brain
But humanism has crucified Him
on the altar of human unity
It’s raining in the world today
Please chase those rain clouds away
Written By Stephen J. Vattimo Aug 12,2010
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