Steve Johnson (EC)
by on July 24, 2018
We've entered an era where blind loyalty is equated with patriotism... where supporting a president regardless of what he says or does is more important than exercising one's God-given independent thought processes. Too many Trump supporters are doing the exact thing they accused and ridiculed Obama supporters of doing. And in the process, they are degrading their own worth and self-esteem.
As a country we face massive problems; to solve these we need innovative thinkers and doers from all walks of life. Our nation needs people who can and will think outside the political norms that strangle our greatness and only seek their own self-aggrandizement.
It's past time that we wake up to the reality that BOTH political parties are doing only what is in their own self-interest. They pass laws that apply to the masses and not themselves. They become adolescents and point fingers when we face devastating challenges and cries out for principled leadership. They manipulate the American people with lies, rhetoric and deceit, and continuously exploit the ignorance and lack of understanding of the people who elected them.
How is it possible that the best and brightest in the executive and legislative branches of our government can't find common-sense solutions on the critical issues that confront us today? How can they fritter away days, weeks, months and years on pointless resolutions and damaging legislation -- most of which they've never stopped to read or seriously consider prior to passage? And "we the people" are even more to blame as we listen to and believe their lies, returning them to power repeatedly all the while whining about "The Swamp" and the need to drain it.
We need to focus less on electing the intellectual and Ivy League elite of our nation and return farmers, factory workers, carpenters, teachers, law enforcement and military leaders to the highest offices of the land. When electing the individuals that our Congress envisioned during our founding, we will return a modicum of common sense and true leadership to our nation. When this happens, then and only then will America return to the pinnacle of spiritual and economic success.
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