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by on June 27, 2018
We keep hearing how the Democrats are going to retake both the House and Senate come the mid term elections, but so far, if the primaries are any indication, it doesn't look too promising. Fake news is claiming victory. But in yesterday's primary, in largely predominant Democrat New York, U.S. Representative Joseph Crowley, a high-ranking Democrat seen as a possible future leader of the chamber, lost his re-election bid in a stunning upset.
Crowley is a 10-term incumbent who was fourth in line in the House of Representatives' Democratic leadership, was defeated by 28-year-old challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a safely Democratic district in New York City.
And once again, this upset, took the political "experts" by surprise. The last time this happened was in 2014, when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Republican, lost in 2014 to a little-known right-wing professor, Dave Brat. Perhaps the outcome is signs that Democrats are finally fed up with their leader, Nancy Pelosi.
Yet at the same time, 2 Republicans backed by U.S. President Donald Trump prevailed in their nominating contests Tuesday night, again underscoring his influence among the party's voters. In South Carolina, Governor Henry McMaster beat businessman John Warren in a runoff election held a day after the incumbent campaigned alongside the president.
In a bitter matchup in New York City's Staten Island borough, incumbent Dan Donovan easily held off the man he replaced in Congress, Michael Grimm, who resigned three years ago after pleading guilty to tax fraud.
Come November, Democrats need to retake 23 of the 425 seats in the House, to take over the House of Representatives, which would stymie much of Trump's agenda while likely opening up new avenues of investigation into his administration. They would have to net two seats to take the Senate, but the odds are against that happening there.
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