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by on June 20, 2018
It's not just immigrants from Mexico and Central America, that have been caught in President Trump's immigration sweep. About 72 South Asian asylum-seekers are being detained at a federal prison in Oregon after getting caught up in the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy for illegal border-crossers.
These people are being held at the Sheridan Federal Corrections Institution and 52 of them are from India, 18 from Nepal and two from Bangladesh. I fail to see what the problem is, since they all crossed the border illegally, which by any other description, means they are criminals.
All are single men, who flew into Mexico and crossed the border into the United States.
We would not have known about these detainees, had it not been for Democrat U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley.
Currently, there are 123 detainess held in the prison that came from 16 countries, and whom speak 13 languages, with very few able to speak English.
Members of congress visited the prison and spoke to the detainess over the weekend, and asked for interpreters for the men. They also wanted legal services provided for the immigrants. Of course, all of this at taxpayer expense. So a group of lawyers informally calling themselves the Sheridan Pro Bono group have volunteered to meet with the detainees to advise them on their rights and navigating the legal system.
New research data says that more Indians are the fastest-growing illegal immigrant population in the United States, with about a half a million coming in 2014. Many of the Indians, mainly Sikhs and Christians, say they are fleeing religious or political persecution.
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