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by on June 6, 2018
Bernie Sanders is once again in the news, and this time he spoke out against the Democratic party’s superdelegate system that failed him and allowed Hillary Clinton to become the Democrat candidate for the 2016 presidential election.
Sanders explained that when he ran there were many, many super delegates and almost all of them ended up supporting Hillary Clinton. And he said something just wasn't quite right with that system. He said there were many super delegates there, that voted for Hillary, even though he won rather handsomely.
Of course, Bernie got the shaft.
But what Bernie said, is true. For example, , Sanders absolutely dominated against Clinton in New Hampshire in 2016, but she ultimately gained as many delegates in the state because many of the superdelegates supported her. He's also right when he said that didn't make much sense. Then he stated that he knew that Tom Perez, who is head of the DNC, and a lot of the Clinton people, as well as his people, who came together and formed what Clinton and he calls the Democratic Unity Reform committee.
That committee holds the position that the party should substantially reduce the number of superdelegates by about 70%.
Sanders also said that there was a lot of voter suppression during the 2016 election. He blamed Republicans for that, saying the GOP made it more difficult for poor people and colored people to vote. In New York, you have to be a registered Democrat 6 months in advance, before you can vote. At the time he ran, 3 million people in New York state were ineligible to vote.
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