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by on May 12, 2018
Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar stated Friday that President Donald Trump will roll out dozens of initiatives that will ensure Americans have access to the best prescription drug care possible while respecting innovation.
Trump will soon roll out the most comprehensive approach to making prescription drugs affordable of any president in the history of the United States. Trump's plan is filled with dozens of incentives that are smart, targeted, efficient, but still respecting innovation, still ensuring patients in America have access to the best therapies.
Trump will roll out the program in full during an appearance at the White House Rose Garden at 2 p.m. Friday. The first strategy will include increased competition in the drug markets.
The Trump Administration plans to put a stop to all the gaming by these branded prescription drug companies, to make sure they're not preventing access for new generics coming on the market and these new biosimilars, which are the generics of these really complex expensive drugs. The administration also plans to give Medicare Part D better tool for discounts.
Trump also wants to use the private sector tools that we have in other parts of the program to negotiate discounts for those drugs to bring savings to the system down and savings for senior citizens. There will also be new incentives to get drug manufacturers to lower their prices. The administration also will push for lower out of pocket spending.
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